We are working with several technology providers to implement renewable energy solutions.  Some of the solution that we engineer are designed and built to promote energy conservation.  We design wastewater treatment systems that harnesses dissolved or suspended organics to convert them into renewable energy gases such as methane.  In anaerobic treatment, methane generation is somewhat proportional to organic removal and therefore the higher the organic concentration in the waste stream the more methane will be generated.  We can help identify and segregate the high strength wastewater streams  by conducting a site visit of the industrial operations. We are currently working with several companies in North America and have been able to quantify savings betweeneco nrg systems $2,000,000 to $9,000,000 per year.  We also work with tire recycling facilities and employ pyrolysis technology to generate renewable oil, synthetic gases and carbon char.

The savings from our engineered solutions are from the following:

  • Biogas generation replacing or offsetting natural gas usage in plants. The gas is also used in reciprocating engine or turbines to generate electricity. The biogas can also be cleaned and upgraded to generate bio-methane (natural gas quality biogas).
  • Sludge disposal savings.
  • Carbon credits (if available)
  • Increased facility’s wastewater treatment capacity and production throughput
  • Taking current load off the existing wastewater treatment system thereby giving the plant the ability to meet discharge permits consistently.
  • Renewable oil can be a direct replacement for diesel or # 6 oil.
  • Carbon char is used added to several applications including tires, plastic, graphite production etc…


The bio gas generated contains up to 80% methane with the balance Carbon Dioxide, moisture and some H2S.  The energy value of that gas ranges from 600 to above 700 BTU/ft3.  The renewable oil from the pyrolysis systems has a specific energy of close to 167,000 BTU/ gallon which can be refined into diesel and bunker oil.


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